Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Our World is Made of Memories!

This is a beautiful picture of the Lititz Spring Park.

I was pretty tickled when I saw how nice this black and white photo turned out. I totally LOVE Instagram! I could tinker with all the different photo styles forever...but I try to keep my obsession down to a few minutes.

 I sat and looked over this photo a few times when I finally noticed the park bench to the right of the stream. It hit me like a ton of bricks! This is the bench that my dear husband and I sat shortly after we found out that I was pregnant for the first and only time way back in 2004. We sat there for hours holding hands and smiling. We were almost to the point of giddiness! We were so young and naive dreaming of how our new lives would be as parents with a new bundle of joy. We sat there day-dreaming and looking across the stream watching the children play at the quaint little park.

Many of you already know the outcome of my pregnancy. For those that do not, it was not easy. I ended up losing our baby due to a premature birth. Never wanted to try again. Our hearts were towards adoption and only adoption. Amazing the turns our lives take. Now I look at this bench and cannot believe how far we have come from our naive view of life. I cannot count the amount of tears that we lost, but I can tell you that we have healed our hearts with these two beautiful children of ours. I thank God for them every day!

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