Saturday, October 20, 2012

Soon time to leave Riley's town

There was a beautiful park about two blocks away from our hotel. It's aways an adventure walking on the sidewalks to get anywhere because it's usually jam packed full of mopeds or scooters. I don't have pictures of it because I have Riley in my front-carrier while holding Nick's hand and fearing for our lives! Half kidding. Hopefully Ted has some good just won't believe it!
The park was really beautiful! This was the first day we had some sort of breeze,
but it was still pretty humid.

We went with Aaron and Julie and their daughters. Nick is walking beside them in his green shirt.
Teddy pushing an empty (pink!) stroller. We were really hoping Riley would take a liking to it. Nope. She only wanted me to hold her.

Nick and his little friend Lillie.

The park had amusement rides!

Looks fun, doesn't it?!
I decided to take Riley on a ride along with Nick...cause it just looked like fun! It was fun for about 5 minutes, but 20 minutes later? No, thanks that was way too long! It was the longest ride I've ever been on! I actually had to tell the man to stop cause I wanted off!

Everyone cooled off in the park waters.

Beautiful city!

This is our good-bye photo. We're preparing to leave our children's Provence and fly to Guangzhou where the US Consulate Office is located. Here we will meet up with the other adoptive families that we started with at the beginning of the trip.
(Our new daughters from left to right: Molly-18 months old, Riley-22 months old, and Kaylee-19 months old.)

Another good-bye photo, but also with our guide Rita.

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