Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Last stop - Guangzhou! THEN HOME!

Guangzhou is our last stop before home! We'll be spending 7 days here. This is where the U.S. Consulate is located, and where Riley will get her visa to come home.

Nick and Riley playing in the hotel crib. They were having a blast!

Look at that mischievous smile!

Do you see the sign in the background??!! Yes, it's STARBUCKS! We had one in our hotel! Sad thing was that this was the only cup of coffee I had because the rest of the time I was sick! Bummer.

Starbucks even allowed you to bring in food from outside. Food was extremely expensive, so Micky-Dee's was in our budget. It was not fun because I REALLY dislike McDonald's!


Our adoption agency organized a tour of Pearl River for our travel group. I still wasn't feeling that great, but told it would be worth it once it got dark.

Riley was extremely busy this night. This a rare photo of her standing still.

View of our dock as we left.

Nick is LOVING the boat ride!

This picture cracks me up! Here is a crew member demonstrating how to put on the life vests to everyone except us Westerners!

View out of our window.

YES, the view at night was totally beautiful!!! It was so worth it.

Trip to a "department store."

It was still pretty hot and humid, so Nick brought along the umbrella for shade. Couldn't really say no when everyone else in China does it! Riley still had no interest in the stroller and needed to be held close to me. It was wonderful, but at the same time it was a challenge for me because I still was not feeling well.

View of the hotel next door! Wow!

Another beautiful hotel.

The trees were really cool! See the long string-like-leaves hanging down?

Notice how the landscaper is smack in the middle of the shrubs! That's how they do it.

Most Chinese folks walk everywhere. I was so surprised at the majority of women that wore HEELS everywhere they went!

We walked through the underground tunnel that took you across the street.
Yes, too dangerous to cross above!

Under a tunnel and over an over-pass.

The view from the over-pass.

Finally. The mall!
By now, after the long walk in the heat, I was feeling REALLY lousy. The "mall" inside was more like an indoor Green Dragon or Rutts Market, but without food. Not what we were expecting.

Nick LOVED Ronald.

Riley waiting on the big kids.

Family Photos before we leave!


Our guide Grace was amazing! Nick loved her just as well.

Our flight back to Beijing was WONDERFUL! The best airplane we've been on so far...thank goodness because our  flight from Beijing to home was the WORST!

The magnificent Beijing airport!


I don't have any photos of this basically because we were so totally exhausted, and really had a our hands full...literally. The kids slept almost the entire plane ride home...BUT we did not! We sat in the very back of the plane and we had turbulence the ENTIRE flight home!!! Ted and I both felt terrible...which is an understatement. We arrive home at Dulles Airport at 8 pm, but  actually this was 8 AM China time. The kids were wide awake and ready to go, but all we wanted to do was GO TO BED! We had to wait in line for everything as usual, but all I could think is don't throw up! Yeah, that was fun. Chasing after energetic kids with my arms full of luggage, and trying not to throw up after not sleeping for over 24 hours.

Riley's first car ride in the U.S.

Our first U.S. breakfast together as a family of four.
Thank you Cracker Barrel for the best food and service ever!

Nick and Riley checking out all the rocking chairs together.

Perfect ending to a whirlwind trip.
Ahhhh, so good to be home....with our two beautiful children.
Thank you!

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