Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Getting Settled...into a fresh, new start!

The Beautiful Juniata River
"Getting settled" can mean so many things. Not only are we moving, but we're temporarily moving! Seriously? As if moving isn't hard enough? We're waiting for the sale of our house and waiting for our next home to be available...and not sure when everything will fall into place. Then of course all the adjustment moving to a new area, new job, new school and well, new everything.

Then on top of it we're moving from a 4 bedroom, 2 bath home to a 2 bedroom, 1 bath APARTMENT! Yes, we're insane. What American family chooses to downsize when the rest of the nation feels bigger is better? Looks like we do. Ya know what? It feels SO GOOD to downsize, to minimize, to simplify! I love it. I mean, apartment living really is not my thing. Yes, I'd rather have a house. A small house, but most definitely a house. But we have a great opportunity to save a few bucks (which we desperately need!) through my hubby's job, so we're making it work...for now.

The ever changing view from our temporary living. Amazing, right?

I'm choosing (well, attempting) not to think of all the hassle and headache that comes with moving twice. I'm choosing to be grateful. I'm feeling very fortunate that my parents are allowing us to stay with them. I'm thankful my children are able to spend this very special, very intimate time with my family. I'm grateful to spend quality time with my sweet, little sister whom my children adore. I'm very grateful for the wonderful and absolutely delicious food they provide for us. (Trying not to freak out about gaining weight! Yikes.) I'm grateful for the amazing view from every window in their home. I'm grateful for the help of family.

Morning bike ride with Aunt Ashley.
Sure moving is stressful. Even mentioning the word "MOVE" and it kinda makes ya flinch! But I'm giving it my very best effort to think of this as a turning point in my/our life. An exciting adventure. A fresh new start in thinking. I have to admit that being surrounded by nature is like much needed medicine for the mind and body. I didn't realize how city-living drained me. Basically it took the spring out of my step. Not that I don't love visiting the art galleries, dropping in for some coffee at our favorite Cafe, or grabbing goodies at city square farmers market. But nature does some serious healing to the soul and I got lots of catching up to do!

Finding new favorites! Like this awesome swing at an Airport themed playground!

Making exciting memories with Aunt Ashley and Grandpa giving them a good spin at another new playground.
 We made many sacrifices over the last years, and had more obstacles and hardship then most have in an entire lifetime. They say challenges build character? Oh, mercy. We must be filled with a whole lot of character! Being a one income family has not been easy in any shape or form. Money is very tight. Vacations are limited to camping trips. The kids don't have a playroom over flowing with toys. We have very old cars.  And now we're downsizing to an apartment.  There is something very important that I need to keep in mind. We did it for the kids, not for us.

We're able to supply our children with time for attention and all the love they can get! Adoptive kids are a lot like other kids, but they also have many other layers that other children do not have. Plain and simple. It makes no sense to hide it. I'm so grateful that I have the energy and time to help ease them into this new transition. Our children are amazing, creative, inspiring and loving-beings. I'm excited for them! I'm excited for us. I'm so grateful for each day with have together.

A bike ride break! A rare photo of the four of us. Love them!

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