Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hershey Chocolate & Ronald McDonald House go GREAT together!

This will be our little Riley's 6th surgery. She has a pretty serious case of medical anxiety. Can't blame her one tiny bit. I got a bright idea (occasionally happens) that we sneak in a day of fun before Riley's surgery. We had some extra funds available from our kiddos' Post Adoption Services, so I contacted our social worker and asked if we could use it towards a family day. And we could!! It was a dose of happiness, giggles and chocolate...perfect meditation to calm any anxiety!

Hello Hershey's Chocolate World! We're ready to go!

We meet a family friend that we didn't see in YEARS! She took this photo for us. 
The kids had the opportunity to make their own personalized Candy Bars! I think their faces say it all. These kids are too much fun! They even gave us parents and taste and I'd say that fresh made chocolate bars are YUMMY!

Making their own candy bars!

Posing with their candy bars!

Our Trolley awaits!

Our last ride was on the Hershey Trolley Works. Lets just say we were all pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the rich history of Hershey, and the man who started it all. Amazing! There were so many things I did not know about a place I grew up exploring. We thought it was super cool that Milton Hershey and his wife also had a love for caring for foster children. 

We knew we'd have to stay two nights for Riley's surgery since we now live 2 hours away instead of the convenient 35 minutes. We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to stay at the Ronald McDonald House!! We didn't know if they'd have openings until the very morning we left, but we're so thankful they had a spot available for us. It's not easy living off of one income AND now that my hubby was off work due to his hand injury. Well, it really made things pretty tough financially. This was a HUGE help!!! Not to mention it was an absolute dream for the kids! 

Riley posing in the Ronald McDonald Play Room in her comfy PJs. It was a good day. 

Gigantic french fries rule the room! If you're granted passage you may jump onto the pile of super, plush stuffed animals!

Therapy pets visit. My sweet little Riley made a new friend with another little girl named, Rylee who is right beside her. 

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