Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Not Just About Adoption.

The Great Explorers!

I've been thinking of changing focus on this blog for quite some time now. It'll still be about our family and this crazy journey through life (who's life isn't a little crazy?), but less about adoption. Adoption is always a part of our family naturally, but it's really not the main focus any longer. I've been feeling like I had so much more to say, but didn't really want to add it to this blog because, well, it didn't relate to adoption. Then I started thinking, why should it only be about adoption? It can be about everything that goes on in our lives! Sure, some subjects might actually be about adoption, but it doesn't have to be. So this lead me to change our blog title, and for some reason it makes me feel more comfortable to write about whatever!

Fall Freedom!

That being said. Raising children who are adopted does have many, many layers. Some things happen that's just regular ole' normal kid stuff, some normal adoption stuff, but there is always those parts that you just can't tell. Parts that are too complex for us to know if it's adoption related or not. Our kids are young, and they're not in a place where they even know, so we just deal with it the best that we can.
Taking time to enjoy the simple things.

Anyone that knows me, knows I don't take adoption challenges lightly. I have a psychologist and post adoption social worker on my speed-dial, and I'm not afraid to use it. They've been a great resource, and I'm so thankful for them. But we've come to a point in life that we really know our kids. We know when we need to take a step back and slow down. Life is so demanding, for kids AND adults. Knowing when we need to take a break and just be together is really key for us. The years prior to being parents was spent preparing, prepping and endless reading on what to watch out for, what to do in this situation, what not to do in this situation, etc., etc. Sure, all that preparing helped. It helped a lot! Especially during those transition years! Now we're in a place where it's just living life as our family, so that's what I'm gonna write about.

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