Saturday, June 30, 2012

Artwork Adventure

Another fundraiser is now underway! Chestnut Hill Cafe was so gracious to allow me to hang up my artwork for the month of July! Gulp. Yes, I'm showcasing my artwork. It has never been easy for me to display my art. It's very personal, but thanks to Ted and my family for always encouraging me! This time it does't have anything to do with how I feel. It's all about raising money for our little girl, Riley! All proceeds of the sales will go towards adoption. 80% will go towards our China adoption expenses, and 20% will be donated to olo, which is an organization raising money for families adopting from Africa and started by two wonderful gals right here in Lancaster.

532 West Chestnut Street, Lancaster
I love this place! Lots of good memories here for us...and awesome coffee!

Look! They listed MY name! Pretty cool.

Here are the hours so you can plan your visit this month!

I'm selling prints of the paintings I did while we lived in Maine. Good times!

Bass Harbor Light House, Maine - We only lived about 3 miles away from here on Mount Desert Island! Oh, I miss it!

This is my new and FAVORITE "doodle" art work. If I could find time to do it everyday, I sure would! It's so much fun. I use pen and ink, and then color pencil. This has some bling, but it's hard to see in the photo. 

Here's another one. All of my doodle art work has a saying or a word to inspire!

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