Monday, June 11, 2012

Immigration Email

Well, no letter has arrived. :-( I guess I should explain. It was driving me bananas worrying about our approval letter's arrival was and wondering if it was lost in the mail, so I could not bare it any longer and decided to email the USCIS NBC Hague Unit, a.k.a. Immigration. I explained my concern, and asked if they could let me know when our Approval letter was mailed out? I can only imagine how many emails they must get from anxious and concerned adoptive parents.

ALL of my previous correspondence with Immigration has ALL come within the listed time frame, in fact, most items came EARLY! Plus, there was Memorial Day holiday thrown in that timeline as well, which I'm sure involved officers going on vacation etc. STILL, I worried. Hey, this is about MY CHILD! Right? One day delay is one day away from our daughter.

Friday night after grocery shopping and our exciting adventure of Fire Fly hunting at a near-by park, I came home and checked our email as usual. To my surprise I received a reply from our Immigrations Service Officer that is assigned to our case...all is well!!! Our letter should arrive within 5 to 7 business days! Yippee! Can you hear my sigh of relief? BIG smile!

NEXT STEP? Applying for our Visas in a week or two....

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