Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Passing time between paperwork

Once we finally had our dear Riley there was lots of paperwork...and lots of time in between. I often didn't take too many photos of the paperwork part mostly because I had too much to carry!
We brought along Nick's DVD player which was such a life saver! The two of them clicked immediantly as you can see.

First meal out at an Italian Restaurant in our Chinese Hotel!

We even had entertainment! The very first song they sang was Country Road by John Denver...which just so happens to be Nick's fav song! If only he knew just how crazy it was to hear this half way around the world in China!


My one photo of the long list of paperwork.

I just told Riley not to eat the crayon and she gave me this look as she was teasing me! Oh, my. I'm gonna have my hands full!

Big bro watching out for his little sis. He thought the road was too twisty!

Play room in the hotel!

Nick put his braclet on Riley...ahhh sharing! How long will this last?

Tickle time! Both of them LOVE to be tickled...the sound of laughter really heals the heart.

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