Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Riley's Gotcha Day!

Everyone is SO excited that this is finally the day they get to meet their beautiful child! It's a very strange feeling knowing that soon we'll be holding Riley.
Bus ride to meet our children! See Ted in the back?

Nick deep in thought. That amazing mind of his.

Here she is!!!
We were told that we all will probably need to wait anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to meet our child, but the Orphange Officer was waiting with Riley on the steps!!!


Finally get to hold her in my arms!!! I was so surprised and VERY HAPPY that she didn't turn me away.

Riley's proud new brother.

The orphange gave us a very special album recording Riley's life, something that will be very special for her to view in years to come.
The orphange officer gaves us back our gifts that we mailed to Riley in May. We sent her a photo album with all of our pictures, and it was well worn and used! It brought tears to my eyes knowing that they cared enough to show her this album so often so she would know us. She immediantly grabbed for the album when she saw it and held it close.

One of the CCAI Families, Aaron, video taped our meeting while our CCAI Guide, Rita looked over Riley's wonderful album.

My heart melted watching my son's excitment to finally met his new sister! There is no experience in life that will ever compare.

We needed our photo taken for the official documents.

Everyone was filled with so much joy and totally exhaused on the bus ride back to the hotel.
What a morning!!! We got her!!!

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