Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thought we were prepared!

The closer we get to the big day the stronger my emotions seem to be! I think I should just walk around with a paper bag in my back pocket. Not sure if I'm going to hyperventilate or throw up! I tell folks that the paper work involved in an international adoption is liking buying 10 different houses all at the same time. There are so many investors, so many pieces to puzzle and they ALL have to work perfectly together. That's just the paperwork! The emotions? Oh, my. That's a totally another story!

We're trying not to talk to Nick about our pending adventure every second, but he sees the luggage in the corner, and a PILE of our travel supplies....not to mention the little girl items all over the place. It seems to be on his little mind ALL THE TIME! He tells everyone he sees..."I'm going to finally see my new baby sister soon!" AND when he says "finally" he looks at me as if I had anything to do with it! LOL!

We've been trying to take Nick to parks like we normally do, and we even took him to the Hands-on-House this morning for a short time. Later he told me that he wished we didn't go, because there is too much stuff going on there, and his belly is too nervous! Poor thing! Though I have to say I this overwhelming feeling of needing to walk in the woods or in a field, because I just want quiet. Too many "what ifs" pending right now. I was in a great frame of mind earlier, but realizing just how many GIGANTIC obstacles face us has made me realize that this adoption is nothing short of a miracle!

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