Sunday, July 29, 2012


Nick woke me up early this morning to run over to tell me that airplanes give you lunch on a tray! Wow...he must be thinking of this constantly...just like us! Right now he's reciting his days of the week, and telling us when we're going to "CHINA!"

My dining room is PACKED with items that need to somehow fit into our suitcases. Our adoption agency told us to only pack light, only 4 or 5 outfits because each hotel has a laundry service. Gezzz, I don't even see how we'll have room for clothing! Thank goodness it's summer time! Shorts and tee shirts don't take up too much room.

I have all my paperwork copied and completed and put into plastic envelopes and labeled. I have extra copies of EVERYTHING; one packet for each backpack and each suit case. I know, a bit over board, but hey, it doesn't take up much room and it's light.

Today we're setting up the crib, and putting Riley's clothing in her dresser. Then hopefully work on our benefit cookbook tonight. Busy days! I need to think hourly right now, and cannot bare to think we're leaving in TWO DAYS!

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