Thursday, August 2, 2012

Our China Adventure Begins...

This is Ashley (Michelle's sister) writing. I'm filling in for her while they're away. =)  

The adventure has begun! On Tuesday night, July 31st, Michelle, Ted & Nick drove to Washington D.C. where they stayed overnight for their departure the next day. Their flight was scheduled to take off at 12:19PM, but was delayed almost seven hours!

Their plane left sometime around 7PM Wednesday night, and they arrived safely in Beijing sometime around 9AM (our time) on Thursday--but in China, it was actually 9:00PM. There's a 12-hour time difference.

Michelle said that Nick did really well on the plane considering. He slept a lot, although they didn't. There were lots of other kids on the plane, and the one family traveling with them has a 5-year-old girl, so that'll be great for Nick to have a playmate.

I think jet lag has set in - Michelle said they're very exhausted, and have a very difficult time sleeping. All the other families feel the same.

Today (which is actually Friday in China), they have all day tours, which is really suggested. Michelle said their guide is really terrific. And tomorrow, they'll get to see the Great Wall. Imagine!

Michelle said "this is like another planet!"

I'll keep you posted. =)


  1. Thanks for posting, Ashley! I'm biting my nails reading eager to hear every detail of their journey to Riley. My prayers for a safe, healthy, disaster-free trip are with them! Perhaps the 7-hr flight delay got all of the kinks out of the way and the trip will be smoooooooth sailing!

    1. You're welcome, Julie! I know, I can't wait to hear every detail about their trip, too. =) I'm sure they will have quite a story to tell and have some awesome pictures to show when this is over. So thankful for their safe arrival, and praying, like you, that all will go well for a wonderful and safe trip. Monday is the *big* day when they will finally get to meet Riley! I wish I could be a little fly on the wall and watch their meeting. It's going to be precious!

  2. Ahhhhhhh--they have to wait until MONDAY??? What torture!!! I'll keep checking in, just to see if there is any new news! I know from experience how hard it is to keep the masses up-to-speed when you are walking through the emotions of traveling to pick up your child, so I don't expect to hear anything! But...I'll keep checking just in case! So happy for them!