Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2nd Day with Riley...

I just wanted to share some of Michelle's recent email about how things are going. It's so sweet to hear how Nick and Riley are interacting with each other. And wait until you read what Nick said to Michelle about will melt your heart. =)
Welp, we made it through the first day without too many issues! So far Riley seems like a really, really good sleeper, but that may be just due to the exhaustion she may feel from being placed with this huge white family! Ted has been the one feeding her so to help with bonding, but that didn't last too long. She only wants to be held by me and will not go in the stroller or high chair.
Riley is very quiet around Ted, but I hear this is very typical. She is very withdrawn when we leave our hotel room. Maybe she fears of what may be next? She is a totally different child in the hotel room, especially when it's only Nick and I! She swings her arms around and acts silly, and she loves to play games. She was chewing on a crayon and knew she should not do it, but made a game out of it. Later she approached Nick and tickled HIM! They rolled around on the floor and she would laugh and laugh!
It is super, super hot and humid here! And our next stop will be even worse! The men walked to Walmart this morning which is about 4 (long) blocks away from the hotel. I say "long" because they need to cross the street 3 times which is the craziest feat ever!!! But so far it seems safe if you stick with the pack of people and scooters. Oh, yeah...Walmart is NOT at all like our Walmart!
It is wonderful to have a free day with no place to go. Tomorrow we're suppose to go visit Riley's orphanage in the morning, but do not have anything that we must do in the afternoon. We really do not have the energy to go, but feel we need to see it. We found out that it's not the Maria's Big House of Hope orphanage, but a sister orphanage. Still a very, very nice orphanage with a lot of American influence.
This morning before Riley woke up Nick came over to the bed and hugged me. He said "Thank you so much for letting me come along to China to get my sister. I would have been very sad if I stayed at home and could not have been in China to see her. She's so cute, isn't she? I really love her." No, I'm not kidding you...he was very clear and wanted to be sure to tell me before Riley woke up. I guess he over heard our conversations about debating whether to take him or not. It's not easy entertaining Nick at times, especially since he's so excited about everything, but I can see in his actions and Riley's that it was a good move.
Riley is pretty tiny. I'm glad I did bring along her 18 month clothing. I'm sure some of the 12-18 mo. clothing at home will be perfect. She's having a tough time drinking from any of the cups, bottles or sippy cups that I have. She keeps dripping when she drinks. Eating is okay. She is very much like an infant in her eating, which is partly due to her lip and palate, but is doing some things that is very age appropriate or even above. I'm so happy for her little dimples!   
Welp, I better get back. We all slept about 10 hours last night...more then we ever have, and Nick did not want to take a nap. Hope everyone is doing well! 
Michelle & family

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