Friday, August 24, 2012

FIRST PART: Leaving the U.S. and arriving in Beijing

We started out with a delayed fight at Dulles Airport! Ugh. But we made the best of it and went on a tour of the Aviation Museum.
Waiting for the bus...

With a platypus!

Nick and Ted walking into the museum. Notice the red and white stripe shirt on Nick? I highly recommend this for travel...anything bright and easily noticeable. I was always able to find him quickly in a crowd.

My two best boys!

Ted with his camera!

Yes! This place is HUGE!

Nick standing next to a mini United plane.

Back to Dulles Airport with still some time to waste. One of the store clerks told of a secret way to our gate! We laughed and thought she was kidding, but this was what it looked like! We only saw air flight crews and airport staff!

Nick's view out his window. We flew in daylight for the entire 14 hour flight! Amazing, right?

Our friendly neighbor! The flight was filled with numerous families...thank goodness!

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