Monday, August 13, 2012

Ready to go home!!

I so feel for Michelle & Ted...and look forward to when they arrive safely home in Lancaster!

Michelle's recent email:
Hi All,
Welp, I think I'm starting to feel a little bit better. At least I don't feel like I'm going to throw up all the time. Still not feeling 100%. Riley had a really tough time sleeping last night. She was thrashing around all night. At one time, every 12 seconds she would arch her back and fling her feet. None of us slept. I'm so ready to go home.
Nick has been great! Of course I'm always concerned when he says his belly hurts because of fear of him getting sick. Teddy has only wondered off a few times so far...the guides are aware of him so as to keep an eye out for him. Everyone laughs.
We're a bit separated from everyone at this hotel. All the other families are on a separate floor, no one is near each other. I don't really like that part, because we're all doing different things instead of doing them together. Maybe that is good because everyone is ready to go home.
All most everyone has been sick with the stomach flu has a chest cold...probably because of the terrible air.
This morning we took Riley for her visa photo and physical. She had tantrums several times. She will throw herself backwards, and I'm concerned she will hit her head on something. Threw my back/hip out trying to hold onto her. She throws tantrums occasionally, but I think this may have been because she was in another doctor's office. Ugh, probably bad memories.
Storming for most of the afternoon here. Very hot and humid. Just caught a glimpse of the weather report and saw a possible typhoon on the way to Hong Kong!!!! HK is about 3 hours away from us. Please pray our flights are not delayed or canceled.
We haven't been going on any of the tours because of feeling lousy, so I'm hoping we can go on the Pearl River Tour tonight to see all the river lights. They serve dinner and take you on a tour of the river while looking at the beautiful river...many good reviews from others. It's a lot of work going out because Riley is a handful. Nick is able to get her attention, but now she is wanting everything that he has. OH, the fun. The agency told us not to bring many toys because the children will not be interested, but that is not her case. We need to get her toys, especially for the flight home. Yikes.
This is a very interesting experience that's for sure! Can't wait to get home and get to know Riley more!!! Right now she's either happy or not happy. I'm the only one that can hold her. I'm really looking forward when she will warm up to Ted soon. I think there was only ONE man in the entire orphanage, so no wonder she thinks Ted is odd. This sure is no vacation, but I'm so happy we're in a lovely hotel with nice transportation!

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