Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Feeling Better...

An update from Michelle:
Hello All,
Finally, I think I can say that I feel better! Still not up to running up a flight of steps or anything, but much better then I have been. Funny, I felt really bad up until about 9:30, and then suddenly felt better.
Anyway, we had to get up super early this morning in order to be on the bus for the US Consulate appt at 8 am. Everything went well...and FAST! Now we're waiting for Riley's visa to be completed and returned with her passport tomorrow (Thurs.) at 4 pm, so we can leave on Friday. I'm SO looking forward to coming home, dreading the two flights to get from here to Beijing and then from Beijing airport back to D.C.!
Riley napped of in the bus ride a bit, but that was it. I tried to lay them down to sleep for their naps, but no go today. Early bedtime tonight! Riley has been sleeping much better. Each day we're seeing more and more of her personality. I'm sure it's very frustrating for her not being able to communicate. She has a rash on one side of her face that hasn't been going away. She was clear when she came to us, but got it the next day...must be an allergy to something.
Well, no naps, so I guess we're off to the pool. First time going in since I'm better. Hope all goes well. ;0)

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