Friday, August 24, 2012

Finally Posting!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

Tomorrow will be a week since we've been home from China with our Riley! I can hardly believe it! I feel so bad that I have not updated my blog before this, but this thing called "jet lag" has really hit us HARD! Especially the kids. Last night was the first good nights sleep we've all had in a very long time.

Riley is an absolute sweetheart! She seems to be a morning baby! Right now she's sitting next to me while I'm typing and wants to be on my lap or typing as well. She is as light as a feather and a tiny girl. Right now she's 23 months and wearing a size 12 month clothing. She's a busy girl, and smiles when she knows she should not do something, well she's smiling most of the time. You should see her two dimples when she smiles! We're in love!

Nick is a terrific big brother! He's ALWAYS watching out for Riley. There has been a lot of changes for him. A very long trip with a huge time change, a new sibling, he's not going to daycare/preschool (not seeing his friends everyday!) and now staying home with me! Wow. That's a lot of change for a 4 year old...but he is adjusting. We have some surprises for him waiting when we're back on track!

Anyway, my plan and goal is to give you our story, our adventure, in parts! It will be easier on me while running after two little ones.

We have a MILLION photos, but right now I'm just selecting a few highlights of our trip...from my camera only. We hope to eventually have a slide show for everyone.

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