Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Counting Down the Days...

An update from Michelle....
Hello All,
Still feeling under the weather here. My stomach still cannot handle too much food...especially Chinese food. I'm living off of saltine crackers and toast. We even have a Starbucks right here at the hotel...wish I could appreciate it.
I'm hoping Riley and Nick aren't getting sick as well. Nick has been complaining about his belly and won't eat much, and Riley seems really fussy and had several very messy diapers today.
Last night we went on the Pearl River Cruise with all the other families. It was drizzling, but the sites were beautiful. Ted got a lot of nice shots of the buildings all lite up. Riley seemed to have a good time and wanted to run around with the older kids. Yes, you can imagine, playtime on a boat is NOT too relaxing.
It is really a different type of adoption compared to Nick. I'm sure living in China makes a huge difference, but wow, Riley can really throw a tantrum!!! The other families are on their 2nd adoptions and said that their first child was much like Riley...full of energy and tantrums often, but now they have the easy transitions. It can be physically exhausting trying to save her from her tantrums. I'm afraid she'll really hurt herself. I think if she was a baby it would be easy to control her, but she has alot of strength for a tiny girl. She will not sit in a high chair or stroller, and will only allow me to hold her. I'm faltered but ready for her warm up to Ted.
Today I will need to go and prepare paperwork while Ted watches the kids. Should be interesting. Tomorrow we're off for the Consulate appt to get Riley's visa. This is the big and final step to get Riley back home. Then Thursday we get some paperwork back and start packing up to finally leave on Friday. Please pray for low rains so we have NO delays.
Our last stop is visually beautiful, but I never could imagine all the millions of smells and scents around us!!! People smoke like crazy here, and every elevator smells of some sort of air freshener....well, actually every room smells like something different. Our clothing came back with an unbelievably STRONG smell. Outside air is very difficult to breath in, which is why almost everyone in our group has a cold. I'll be surprised if we don't all end up with asthma by the time we get off our last plane! It's totally nuts!
Welp, better go. Ted and Nick should be coming back some from swimming. I'm here with Riley while she naps. I'm actually looking forward to leaving the room on my own for a bit to do the paperwork. Might even take a walk around the hotel for a little! Shhh, don't tell Teddy!
Miss you all!
Michelle & family

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