Friday, August 10, 2012

Update from Zhengzhou

We received an update from Michelle, and she joked that "the honeymoon is over!" Some of the people in their group got very sick, and they're not sure if it was a virus or if it was from the food they ate. Ted is not feel well. Poor guy!
I'll let Michelle share the rest in her own words:
Ted needed some Sprite and crackers, from the convenience store across the street, but that's easier said then done. I called our guide to ask if she'd walk with me to the store. You'd understand if you saw how crazy it is to cross a street!!! I should take a video of it! Nick insisted on going with me. So, Riley stayed with Ted. Oh my. We left with her crying...poor girl...poor Teddy. I sort of joked with Nick...wonder if Riley is still crying as we were walking into the lobby of the hotel. Just as we stepped in front of the elevator the doors opened and there was Teddy holding a little hyper-ventilating little girl! She didn't stop crying once.
The night was a bit rough. Riley woke up crying, and seemed to wake up every 5 minutes after that. I had to have my hands on her at all times in order for her to sleep. I can only imagine how rough of a day she had going to visit the orphanage and then her new mama leaving her. Yikes.
We are ALL anxious to move onto the next town asap. It feels like we've been here for weeks!!! Today was the first day we really felt like we could venture outside because of the breeze and slightly cooler air, so we went to a park to walk around with another family. They had a kid's amusement rides, which we allowed the kids to try out. The rides lasted forever!!!! I went on the last ride with Nick, and I actually had to tell the guy to stop the ride after 15 minutes! There are only so many times i can go around in a circle!!! Poor Teddy couldn't even his belly was still on the mend.
Riley rode in the stroller for about 15 minutes which gave my arms a rest. I have her in a baby-body carrier most of the time, but that can be very hot much of the time. None of the babies are holding on much...not yet, but this is "normal". It makes it very hard on our arms to constantly hold them up...and the moms are the only ones that are able to hold them. We're ALL very physically sore and tired.
Guangzhou is our next and last city. I've been told by many that this is a much more Americanized city, and we'll be staying in an area with some more regular foods...I hope so. We will be leaving our hotel tomorrow morning...I think that's Saturday...around 10 am. I probably will not be able to email then. The flight will take about 2 hours. So far it's not so bad going through customs and security here...not as bad as our TSA. Those guys are no sense of humor. The China folks at least smile! ;-)
Hope eveyrone is doing well! Thanks so much for your messages! Wow! You should see all the cool photos we have! Teddy has been having a blast!
Love you all,
Michelle...Ted, Nick & Riley

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