Sunday, August 12, 2012

Arrived in Guangzhou

Michelle, Ted, Nick & Riley arrived safely in Guangzhou on Saturday. I'll share Michelle's recent email:
The hotel here is the best of all hotels....absolutely beautiful! I doubt I'll ever stay in a nicer one. This is good because I'll need to stay in my room for awhile. I'm sick now. Ugh. I ate the same as everyone else, so I think it may be a flu or something. I took my meds, so hoping I'll feel better. Tough carrying a little one when my belly hurts.
The flight over was a nightmare. It was super hot. the kids were grumpy. Our flight gate was changed at the last minute, and then delayed. We finally boarded the plane and had another delay due to heavy rain. This was a super small plane too! Kids were screaming...not ours too often. Chinese folks were super angry, and wanted off the plane...well I think that's what they wanted, or they just needed the door open. So, they opened the plane door and people looked outside. THEN Riley had a total melt down while Nick slept soundly. I just looked at everyone and smiled.
Right now I'm resting in the hotel room, and will go to the kids play room soon.
Tomorrow we go for Riley's visa photo and physical.
Love you all,

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