Sunday, August 5, 2012

Arrived in Zhengzhou

We've received an email from the other side of the world! =) I'll share Michelle's recent email below:
Sorry, it's been taking me so long to reply and give updates. First, we've been exhausted beyond belief!!! We were on tours all over Beijing. All of the families were exhausted, and most of us fell asleep on the bus back to the hotel.

We've been chatting with the other families and everyone has been waking at 2 am to 3 am, not getting back to sleep. Must be the jet lag.

We've had really bad internet reception, but some how we were charged for $125 for internet usage at our last hotel! Urrr...we would have fought it, but we were leaving for our plane.

I've been waking with panic attacks at night...wondering if I forgot anything. All the other families experiencing the same.

Today we flew from Beijing to ZHENGZHOU! The flight was a bit rocky, but knew it wouldn't crash because the King of Cambonia was on our plane! Ha

Crazy, but I actually felt much more relaxed in Zhengzhou--not sure why yet. The hotel is absolutely beautiful! That really helps! The city looks pretty nice so far. Lots of green everywhere, not as intimidating as Beijing.

This afternoon we went over all the details of the upcoming paperwork, and what to expect. LOTS of details to complete. We came back to our room and found a crib in it!!! Talk about reality.

9:30 we will get to met Riley! Or at least some time in the morning. A few of us need to travel to our child's hometown to complete the passport. This will be a very interesting week!

I can barely keep my eyes open for the last several hours...barely can handle it. We're going to bed at 7:30...just can't stay awake. I hope to keep you informed as asoon as I can, but internet is heels to come buy right now. Plus, we will be busy non-stop. WIll try to update asap!

Love you all,
Michelle and all!

In another email, Michelle said that the Great Wall was amazing, but very, very hot. Nick loved climbing the wall. In fact, they had to stop him from continueing. Everyone was taking photos of him, and had to touch him. He didn't like that so much. But he really loved climbing, and everyone was amazed at his ability to do it for a 4 year old. He was the only kid who could tolerate it.

Everyone is very nice, and they like all the people in their group. All the kids like the breakfast foods, but not much of anything else.

I am so excited to hear about Michelle, Ted & Nick meeting Riley tomorrow. I will let you know as soon as I hear anything! =)

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