Thursday, August 16, 2012

United States, here we come!

Michelle's last email from China:
Hello All,
Welp, today is the last day before we leave! We need to be checked out tomorrow morning and on the van to the airport by 8:30 am...that's easier said then done with two kids and a husband! LOL! I must say that we are ALL really ready to come home. Lots of packing to do. We have just enough clothing to get us home.
We will be flying from Guangzhou at 11:00 AM on Friday to Beijing, and then catch a flight back to the US at 6:25 pm. This should be interesting because the kids will sleep...hopefully...but then we'll arrive at the hotel in D.C. around 7 pm Friday night. It should be interesting figuring out sleeping. 
I better get going. Nick's belly is bothering him now, so I better get him well asap.
Love you all!!
With the time difference, it will actually be tonight at 11:00pm (our time) that they will be taking off for Beijing. Once they arrive in Beijing, their flight will be leaving for the U.S. at 6:25am (our time).

Please pray for a safe trip home! Can't wait until they get back to the United States! =)

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  1. HELLO EDWARDS FAMILY!! I am SO sorry I completely forgot you had set up this blog. :( I just popped over to your FB page to see if there was any update on your return and found a comment by someone that reminded me. I've now missed almost the whole trip! :( Glad to hear you are getting along and feeling better and almost ready to come home, in fact you're probably already working on that process. Aidan misses Nick terribly and asks about when he will come home. It's cute but a little sad. We even looked at the globe last week to see where China was to show him how far away he was. Looking forward to seeing you home safe soon and hearing all about it.

    The Watychas